Stormchasing USA style. Myself & 3 friends from went to the States for the annual chase season. This is some video I threw together from that trip.

Stormchase 2013

Flights are booked, May 16th through to June 8th

Winter 2013

I’d been organising a trip from myself plus 9 other friends to venture up into the Arctic circle to try & see the Northern lights. The idea was sewn 11 months previous & what seemed like an eternity to pass our dates eventually arrived & off we went.

Finland was the destination & high hopes of long nights & lots of photographic opportunities filled us all but sadly the Sun was as active as we’d hoped for & the long nights were often filled with watching for breaks in the cloud or looking at data. We got to see some Aurora on 3 nights & the best was saved till the 2nd from last night.

KP4 with an immense southerly IMF meant we were going to be in for a treat if the clouds would only clear. We were all stood out on a frozen lake in a temperature of -27C , it looked like the every visitor to Luosto was out on the ice watching, waiting & slowly freezing. The cloud cover was frustratingly thin but nothing was visible, 2 hours passed & still the cloud remained & then it turned. The winds suddenly swung round from the south & the clouds began to break up & dissipate. All of a sudden shrieks of joy filled the night air, people broke out into fits of laughter some broke out into tears. The Aurora was dancing in front of us, filling the sky with a curtain of light followed by pillars, so high in the sky I had to flip the camera into “portrait” position so I could get both the Aurora & some foreground. 

To say it was amazing is an understatement, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching this phenomena. Images can be found in my blog.

A big thanks to the people of for making this the holiday of a lifetime for each & everyone of us.

Busy into Autumn & Winter 2012

Well it’s been a busy few months since I returned home from chasing in June. I’ll be back in the swing of things now that work has settled down & the lunatics are once again back in charge of the asylum.

However future plans for 2012 go ahead & whilst the storms may have died down Solar storms are looking likely to pick up & that can only mean the return Aurora hunting.  I’ve set up a page on Facebook dedicated to Aurora hunting in the UK, it’s there to help give advice about how & where to see it, how to best photograph it & for people to share their photos by contributing to the page. There is also a monthly photo competition & whoever wins will have their photo as the banner for the page for 1 month. So please stop by & take a look & maybe give it a “like” to stay up to date with the latest news & images that get submitted from around the UK.

Having returned from a successful trip to Iceland I find myself torn between 2 “adventures” for 2013. The lure of the Plains in May/June or 2 weeks driving around the ringroad of Iceland at what will be the end of Solar Max. It would appear that I can’t do both excursions financially so some tough thinking & decisions to made over the next few weeks. Dec 2012.



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A timelapse of the Aurora Borealis over the Kyle of Tongue North Scotland. Canon EOS 5D MKii, Canon EF L 24mm f1.4 lens 550 still images edited in Final Cut Express 4

Remember to keep safe, stormchasing is a dangerous activity & potentially deadly. If you’ve never chased before, ask for advice from someone who has.

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The Great UK Aurora Hunt